the diary
the bikes and us
  1. the first report
Argentina and Chile
  1. Buenos Aires, Tango and a donkey for starting
  2. Patagonia, Perro and the snake
  3. over the Paso Coyhaique and a wet river crossing
  4. Doug finds us and the forbidden road
  5. about hiking, fluffy lambs and the Fart Mixture
  6. end of the road - Tierra del Fuego
  7. Patagonian channels
  8. climbing in Valle Encantado and Frey
  9. 7 lakes, volcanoes and thermal baths
  10. New friends, poets and Valpo
  11. Pasos and Perros
  12. gone missing on Paso Agua Negra
  13. Nevado Tres Cruces and another epic
  14. on the road to San Pedro de Atacama
  15. stargazing, excursions and other stuff
  1. bolivian epics
  2. backpacking Potosi
  3. the great white Uyuni
  4. sunshiny Sucre
  5. La Paz and it's mountains
  6. road to the jungle
  7. the San Miguel del Bala Ecolodge
  8. at home in the jungle
  9. the waterworld of the Pampas
  10. a river trip
  1. bellybutton of the world
  2. on the road to Macchu Picchu
  3. Macchu Picchu then and now
  4. Choquequirao
  5. the art of motorcycle maintenance
  6. on the Panamericana
  7. Moro’s Zamser Superwoman
  8. When the hills get interesting...
photo gallery
photo essays
  1. Jorges - the last gold miner of Tierra del Fuego
  2. Patagonia
  3. shopping in Bolivia
  4. Cerro Rico - the mountain that eats men
  5. Bolivianos - people of Bolivia
  6. Machu Picchu - black and white
  7. Museo del Oro
the route
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