interesting sites:

my site this is our old website. it has some stories of Axels Africa trip and pictures of parties and other outings.

dnepr-ural are you looking for a russian motorbike or need yours fixed? Karin and Paul Nideroest will help you.

barkeuropa the site of the tall ship we tried to get hired on for a trip to Antarctica and South Africa.

cold - the book a gallery of images taken on a sea voyage with the Bark Europa to Antarctica.

horizonsunlimited the website by and for the motorcycle traveller. Bulletin Board, Community, free Monthly E-zine, Travellers' Stories, and plenty of tips and info!

dakar motos are you travelling on a motorbike and need a place to stay in Buenos Aires? then Sandra and Javier's is the place for you.

fellow travellers:

tauradan Sebastians website - he was with us on the cargo boat from Europe to Buenos Aires. also travelling by motorbike. 

global-enduro Simon - a crazy british guy that rode his bike from Alaska to Ushaia. we met him briefly on the road. in a hurry and never has money.

pushbike Jochen - the german guy touring Argentina on his bicycle. favourite saying when beaten by the wind: 'das mach ich nicht mit. ich bin doch in den Ferien'.

La2BaSunny - a fellow motorbiker and photographer on his trip from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires.

easy ri.deCarola - a german travelling on her motorbike in South America. We met her in Patagonia

fernwehCecila and Khim - they are from Switzerland and have been travelling independently for more than 3 years around the world.

Carsten and MariaCarsten and Maria - these two are travelling in a big Mercedes truck around America.

monster-worldtourDoro and Jupp - they are travelling in a Mercedes 911 around the world.

mustafa onderMustafa - a turkish photographer that we met in Bariloche.

hans-ueliHans-Ueli - a swiss biker on the road in Patagonia.

motorcyclegypsyJola and Brad - we met them in Argentina. They are on two bikes travelling around South America.

duauJC and Clemence - a french couple in the only other Dnepr sidecar that we met. Proves that you can go anywhere with a Dnepr.

el viaje de martinMartin - he is our neighbour in Planken and is currently in Argentina studying spanish.

climbing in southamerica:

stonedance an english website about climbing in Argentina and Chile. fotos, topos and a forum.

escalando bouldering, trad, sport, alpine and ice climbing in Chile and Argentina. Has a useful map of climbing locations.

monodedo overview of climbing areas in Columbia, Peru and Ecuador - in spanish.

hormiga hormiga is a top argentinian climber. she makes and sells climbing clothes - cool stuff. check it out.
toposperua comprehensive collection of photos and topos for climbing spots in Peru.
handy andesan overview of climbing areas in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The site has no topos - only descriptions.
madteamspanish website of climbing in Ecuador.