the (SouthAmerican Motorcycle) website is a documentation of our trip around south america in words and pictures.

We, that is Renee and Axel, are travelling on two bikes. Renee is riding a black BMW R80GS, the perla negra. Axel is on a Dnepr MT80 sidecar nicknamed the russian.

The rough plan for this trip goes something like this: by cargo ship from Spain to Argentina, then south to Tierra del Fuego, up along the Andes through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador into Columbia and via Venezuela and the Amazonas to Manaus (Brazil) and from there back to Argentina. In between we want to do a lot of exploring, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, sightseeing, motorbike riding and having fun. We have planned a year but this all depends on how the budget goes and how we like it. So check it out every now and again for updates and enjoy. Renee and Axel