the diary
the bikes and us
photo gallery
  1. on the way to spain
  2. crossing the atlantic
Argentina and Chile
  1. Buenos Aires and the Pampas
  2. some wildlife and rough roads in Peninsula Valdez
  3. ...into Chile
  4. adventurous hiking around Cerro Castillo
  5. rough times on the Carretera Austral and the Ruta 40
  6. rock and ice - Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno
  7. huge granite towers at Torres del Paine
  8. small mechanical problems and a broken gearbox
  9. land of fire
  10. some motorbiking pictures,a ferry trip and wash day
  11. on the rock
  12. up a volcano
  13. central valley Chile
  14. bikes, dogs and climbing
  15. 4700m - Paso Agua Negra
  16. breakdown on the altiplano
  17. waiting for the magneto and another breakdown
  18. an oasis in the desert - San Pedro
  1. a strike and the road to Bolivia
  2. the riches of Potosi
  3. Uyuni: salar, mummies and lagunas
  4. Sucre and marketday in Tarabuco
  5. mountaineering in the Condoriri range
  6. La Paz, Huayna Potosi and the death road
  7. living in the jungle
  8. alligators, piranhas and anacondas
  9. riding the river Beni
  1. lake Titicaca and the inca heritage
  2. our first crash and the way to Machu Picchu
  3. strenuous hike to the ruins of Choquequirao
  4. a broken alternator and the panamericana
  5. hospitality of the Zamser sisters
  6. reed boats, some mechanical work and Chan Chan
  1. into the jungle and a dangerous gold diggers town
  2. volcano, trains, and a special culinary treat
  3. a smoking Volcano and a white Christmas
  4. the animal market in Otavalo
  1. the first few weeks in Colombia
  2. a glimpse of life in the caribbean
  3. about bats, mud and the historic city of Cartagena
  4. Amazonas - life on the mighty river
photo essays
  1. Jorges - the last gold miner of Tierra del Fuego
  2. Patagonia
  3. shopping in Bolivia
  4. Cerro Rico - the mountain that eats men
  5. Bolivianos - people of Bolivia
  6. Machu Picchu - black and white
  7. Museo del Oro
the route
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